Reusable Grocery/Shopping Bags (4PCS)

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  • SMART DESIGN: Grocery/Shopping Bags were designed with shopper’s ease in mind. They spread out perfectly when you are ready to use them. They attached via velcro for easy management and then easily separate to load into your car. Once you are finished you just fold them up and roll them up for easy storage
  • DURABLE: Made of the highest quality materials. Double stitched and high grade materials. Avoid all of the cheap knock offs and low end copies. Only the Trolley Bags are the original earth friendly grocery packing solution. Designed to be used for many years. Machine washable.
  • AVOID COUNTERFEITS: Ignore all of the cheap Chinese knock-offs that were made with the cheapest material and design possible. There is a reason that all of the competitors use Grocery/Shopping Bags in their listing. We are the original and uphold the highest product standards.
  • EARTH and ECO FRIENDLY: Do you part to help the planet and show all of your neighbors that you care. Eliminate all of the earth damaging and animal hurting plastic bags and tree killing paper bags. Use Trolley Bags reusable grocery bags to bag your groceries and do you part to make the planet a better place for your kids.
  • LARGE INSULATED BAG: Insulation time can last for 2-4 hours. Shopping Cart Bags with wide Cooler bag provides protection for your frozen or hot groceries
  • Compact/Rolls up for easy storage. 
  • Allow you to use both hands to pack
  • Set of DHLD™ 4 Reusable Shopping Cart Bags 


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